April 2015


March 9th began a 5 day a week radiation therapy for 9 weeks that has put a dent into a weekly schedule and it sure has messed up my overseas mission schedule. I am grateful for all the cards and telephone calls of support. Your prayers and encouragement are such a blessing. Overseas Ministry: Overseas Ministry: Overseas Ministry: It now appears that I will be grounded until the mission to Kenya in September. But the work of C.M. isn’t on hold. I’m so grateful for Len and his ability and willingness to change his schedule, we really haven’t had to cancel anything. Simply a change of teachers is all we needed to do. Your prayer and financial support enables us to continue our teaching ministry to these pastors in developing countries. You will notice the need for Bibles in Liberia. We have been working with Pastor Aaron Moore to train pastors and plant churches. We were planning to be in Liberia in May but due to the Ebola problem we are going to have to postpone that trip. However, pastor Moore is moving forward with a 16 month discipleship and church continue...

Retreat MINISTRY CalendaR

May 16,17 Man Makers Weekend

July 4,5: Mayberry Retreat

August 15,16: Community Bible Study Group

September 19,20: Hikes Point Christian - elders

September 26,27: Angie Wagner Group

October 3,4: Christ Community - Wilma Hudson

October 10,11: Covenant Community Fellowship - Amanda Pagett

October 17,18: Angie Wagner Retreat

November 7,8: Fern Creek Christian - staff


2015 Overseas Ministry Calendar

October 26-November 8: Uganda

January 6-17: Haiti

March 15-28: Ethiopia

February 8-21: Tanzania

June TBD: Cuba

August 2-15: Nepal

September 13-26: Kenya

October TBD: Ghana

November 1-15: Ethiopia